Central Park

One among the compulsory attractions of Chamba is the majestic central Park which provides panoramic views of the entire hill station. A verdant green field, which is the jamboree of all the activities in the town, the central park, is the largest bunch puller in the city in recent years. The park was a famous spot for cricket tournaments during the British reign and now it houses various festivals and carnivals apart from being a Polo ground.

This grassland is the hub of local trade and its extensive stretch of delicious greenery makes it a popular esplanade. This fabulous spot, on the precipice over River Ravi is also known as Chaugan and the most amazing construction in this place is the Gandhi gate that immortalizes Lord Curson’s journey to Chamba A beautiful temple of Lord Shiva, where the famous Manimahesh Yatra takes place is an added attraction here. When tourists visit to Chamba they never forget to see this beautiful park which is a storage of attractive things.