Chamera Lake

It is located at an altitude of 763m from the surface of the sea. In Chamba District, the Chamera Lake is developed by Chamera Dam on the Ravi River at Chourah. You can easily access the site from Chamba – Pathankot highway. Water Sports activities are easily available at Chamera Lake. Chamera Lake, a scenic bulging of Chamba District, is 25-35 km from the popular hill resort of Dalhousie. An artificial lake, it is the collection of Chamera Hydroelectric Project that is built over the Ravi River.

Chamera Dam is connecting by the road goes along the Lake to Bhalei Temple and the famous thick dense forests of Bhandal valley. A water sports sub-center has set up by the Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism near the lake to promote the water sports activity at the lake. The lake also provides abundant opportunities for boating and fishing. The Dam site enjoys very sharp changeability in climate between April to June.During the day it can get very hot (around 35°c) though by the evening, temperatures fall to between 18 to 20°c. Between the month of July and September the area received concentrated to heavy rainfall and temperatures vary down 20 to 26°c during the day and 8 to 12°c at night.

The project area enjoys a maximum temperature of approx.15°c between October and December and sometimes the temperature are known to fall below freezing point. Chamera Lake offers irrigation facilities to the many villages that are expanded in and around Chamera Lake. For these villagers this lake is a source of subsistence with its natural water reserves. This lake is situated between grassy pine forests and lustrous or glazed valleys. If you want to visit Chamba or Dalhousie, make sure to visit this spectacular lake. Water sports of varied kind are also practiced here, through which your skill sharpens at river rafting or simply slow off with still water sports on the Chamera Lake.

Location : Chamera Lake comes in a way of Pathankot-Chamba main highway. The lake is clearly visible from here.
1. Around 25km from well-known tourist place Dalhousie.
2. Around 40km from Chamba.
3. Around 100km from Pathankot

How to Reach : The only way of reaching this place is by road.Numbers of state transport buses and private buses are available to reach this place. Private taxis are also available for travelers from Dalhousie and Banikhet.

Significance of Chamera Dam :
1.Chamera Lake provides many opportunities for boating and fishing activities.
2.Chamera Lake offers irrigation facilities to the many villages that are spread in and around Chamera Lake.
3.To encourage water sports activities on the lake, a water sports sub-center is set up by Himachal Pardesh Department of Tourism nearby the lake. Chamera Lake looks very attractive and fancy in winters when all the surrounding areas are covered by natural vegetation.
Best Time to visit: Throughout the year.