Church of Scotland

A mediocre edifice of earth chromatic or dyed stone and simple arched windows complete the Scottish style architecture of Chamba Church.Initial construction began in 1899 by Raja Sham Singh, who gifted the newly built framework to the Church of Scotland mission for the use of the christian community in Chamba. It is located above the main market of Chamba, the church’s have undecorated uncovered walls of brick oppositions sharply against the anarchy of its surrounding buildings.

This church main gate is made up of iron attached to brick pillars, painted in an aromatic combination of blue, white and orange, seem to sprout from groomed gardens of marigolds near the main walkway while keeping out curious visitors. The Church remains close on Sunday. No signs of Sunday worship are posted and the usual open gates welcoming all visitors are locked tight.

Chamba’s Church of Scotland, a part of the Church of North India province, reportedly has been converted into a library. It stands as a reminder of the British period of rule in India, but little else these days. Tourists can find this peaceful and beautiful Chamba Church near the popular Laxmi Narayan Temple.