Jandri Ghat

The Jandhri Ghat is the other popular tourist place in Dalhousie hill station. Also one of the many surprising Ghats in the Country. The Jandri Ghat Dalhousie is a great reflection of the cultural aspect of Dalhousie making it an integral part of the place.

There are several other tourist places near Dalhousie ranging from hill stations to the Wildlife Sanctuary to many others. It is one of the other visitor places. The tourist places in Dalhousie are primarily renowned for their natural charm and nearly closest with the nature providing several tourist attractions in Dalhousie. But the Jandri Ghat place is something very unique about the diversity which this place offers. It is a place which once served as the residence of Governor of Chamba and later to Lord Dalhousie. Bendy fall of rivers,amidst the tall pine trees and an inexperienced palace, are some of the major attractions of the place.

At this place, the palace of the former king of Chamba is situated if you want to visit in Jandri ghat then never forget to see this palace. People wandering this place and make fun in popular picnic spot, this place are surrounded by deodar and pine trees which are large in size, add more beauty in the location of the Ghat. Around half a kilometer away from the Subhash Baoli,Jandhri Ghat wraps an elegant palace in the middle of tall pine trees. Chamba’s erstwhile rulers governed from here till the advent of Lord Dalhousie. The palace houses a number of shikhar trophies.

Beside the palace, Jandhri Ghat provides a heavenly spots for picnicking-gushing brook in the middle of the fragrant pine-scented breezes. It is located nearly from the town.Its distance is less than 5 km from the town center, the Bakrota Hills create a breathtaking view of the further snow-covered peaks. The round is a walling range around the mount, very popular with residents.

Jandri Ghat is a perfect or a suitable place for picnickers with its rambling streams and air flows with pine fragrance. The rulers of Chamba used to reside here. You can see the palace of the former ruler of Chamba here. A popular picnic spot, this place is surrounded by deodar and pine trees. This beautiful colonial style palace located at Jandri ghat near Dalhousie.It is a typical European style double-floor bungalow, built in 1870-71 by Raja Gopal Singh. It stands between a thick pine grove. A beautifully laid out garden makes the decorative entrance to the bungalow.