Panch Pulla

Panchpula, a beautiful spot, is only at a distance of 3 kms from G.P.O(Gandhi chowk). On the way to Panchpula is Satdhara springs rumbling with refreshing water, considered to contain some medicinal properties. Panchpula stream is the main resource of water supply to Dalhousie and nearby villages. The stream springs from the north side of Dain Kund and runs down a wacky pictorial ravine to the waterworks of Panchpula.

There is another attraction is the Samadhi of the great freedom fighter, Sardar Ajit Singh. An elegant monument established adjacently where several streams meet at one location, which makes it look straight out of a painting. This monument, a Samadhi of great revolutionary Sardar Ajit Singh who breathed his last in Panchpula. In Panchpula, visitors can also see small and beautiful waterfalls.

This place is suitable for trekking to Dain Kund to see the best natural beauty that lies hidden between the unexplored paths. Tourists can enjoy a break and enjoy the wonderful climate of Panchpula. There are some food and tea stalls and government tourism restaurant situated around, where visitors can enjoy their trip by eating food, by clicking sightseeing etc. Panchpula located at a short distance from gandhi chowk so people can easily reach there on foot.