Dalhousie Weather

Month High Low
Jul 32°C 25°C
Aug 32°C 25°C
Sep 32°C 22°C
Oct 29°C 16°C
Nov 24°C 10°C
Dec 17°C 5°C

Best Season / Best time to visit Dalhousie :-

Dalhousie is a popular destination which has a pleasant weather for the most part of the year making it tourist friendly,but the tourist season is from throughout the year.

Winter(December to February) is a chilly and cold with temperature ranging between 10°C to 1°C.Snowfall usually occurs during winters building it ideal for honeymooning.

Summer(March to May) is a pleasing with a maximum average temperature less than 35°C.Summers are superb for nature walks and sightseeing.Snow can be enjoyed on high pitch.

Monsoons(June to mid September) are tempting here with mild intermittent showers which are not of much discomfort.
The lovely hill station of Dalhousie is suitable for sightseeing and all other adventure activities in summer. Monsoon season is good for short trips and provoking for nature lovers.While winter season is dominated by snow and it is suitable for all those who praise snowfalls.However,take necessary precautions

Dalhousie Weather:-

Dalhousie,a beautiful and marvelous hill station,Many tourists visit this charming place in the whole year.This small and lovely hilly area attracts peoples through their extreme beauty. Dalhousie weather mostly attracts many peoples from Punjab.They are visiting Dalhousie mostly in the summer season.Tourists are coming from various locations from India and outside the India.The weather is ideal for tourism,except in the months of December and January,when heavy snows and chilly breezes could even freeze you.However,even during this time,the snow-lovers get down upon the hill resort.During winters,when paths and highways might get choked with snow,army personnel comes to rescue and clear the same.In order to get more information on the weather and climate of Dalhousie,read on.

Summer season in Dalhousie lasts from mid-March to mid-June.Dalhousie weather mostly attracts many peoples from Punjab.They are visiting Dalhousie mostly in the summer season.During this season,the temperature is moderate and thermometer fluctuates between 15.5 deg C and 25.5 deg C.Most of the tourists,especially from the plains of India, horde here in this weather only.When the rest of India experiences hot and humid weather,Dalhousie remains pleasant and cool.Thus,people who want some respite from merciless hot temperature opt for the hill resort.

Dalhousie experiences heavy snowfall and even ran in winters,which last from November to February.The winters are rigid here.Being located at high altitude,the place experiences minus temperature in winters and even snowfall takes place during the month of December and January.Hotels offer hefty discounts to travelers in winter,which is an added advantage if you want to save some money on your accommodation.

The monsoon season in Dalhousie lasts from June to September.The place receives an annual average rainfall of around 214 cm.After every rain,mountains give clean and shining freak and become the most scenic.Monsoon season gives the best opportunity for newly married couples to go to Dalhousie for honeymoon,as weather become romantic and recreative.